Your hosts

VALENTINA - Head of Chalets Coburg

The good soul at the reception.

She impresses our guests with her incredible charisma, she is there, when you arrive, she is there, if you have any questions and need support and she makes everything possible, to fullfill your wishes.


Maria Gruber

As you may have guessed, I am the wife of Walfried Gruber and am responsible for the drafting of these texts. I implement what is presented to me on the serving tray to carry out and then create something that I can believe in and which reflects who I am. To trace an arc, my company Schladming Appartements has been involved with the rental of private holiday homes and the management of major holiday complexes for 16 years. I have always been passionate about taking innovative and creative approaches, unconstrained by the pursuit of business success - that's where my husband's expertise lies. My passion is for transporting the guest into a different world, away from all the do's and don'ts, surprising and surpassing their expectations and ensuring that a wonderful time is had.



Mag. Walfried Gruber

Tax consultant and co-owner of the Linder & Gruber tax consultancy. He has an unparalleled skill for seeing what others are unable to envisage in their wildest dreams. A property developer who not only recognises the potential of a property but brings people together and doesn't just serve as a midwife but provides support in relation to all tax, business and conceptual matters.  



DI Günther Lederhaas
The boss of Granit Österreich, one of Austria's largest construction companies, the brains behind a host of visionary projects, an ingenious builder with fantastic colleagues. He is the building owner, he laid the foundations and he immediately brought to fruition every crazy idea conceived during construction. A man who has remained human and an entrepreneur who implements projects even if they do not appear to be particularly lucrative.  



MICHAELA - our breakfast soul

Good soul of the Chalets Coburg. She makes the best Ham & Eggs, she is ready for every experiment, she meets people in the morning hours with a smile, with participation and good tips for the day and honestly, sometimes we envy her all for the birthday wishes, congratulations... which she gets from our guests during the year.

MICHI - I don't want to call him janitor!

Our Michi is not a classic caretaker. He is actually a farmer, an animal lover, an all-rounder and a person whom neither we nor the guests want to miss. He has the practical gene again. He can solve any problem. A soul from a human!

The good folk behind the scenes

Schladming Appartements has the great good fortune to have super employees behind the scenes looking after marketing, finances, data entry and many other activities. An abundance of hands are required to provide our guests with a professional and contemporary overall experience and it is the employees of Schladming-Appartements who make this possible.